Known Unknowns Exhibition 30 Jan – 23 Feb 2019


22 St, Nicholas Street, Ipswich IP1 1TJ

I like to explore the beauty in every day objects. I attend an art group run by Hazel Bradshaw on a Friday. I am often found looking for inspiration in objects people leave behind or materials that help me add texture to my paintings.


The image shown is a tin foil container with dried ink.

13 November 2018




At home working on a new piece. Using ink and acrylic to capture the sky.  It’s been a good week. Was approached about selling one of the paintings on the site. However, looks like it could by a commission. Will keep you updated.

20 November 2018


Working on a commission piece. The drying process will make the dark area’s lighter and the chemicals will give soft ‘candy floss’ like texture to the centre piece.

27 November 2018